International Convention on Exotics

ICEはInternational Convention on Exoticsの略で、Zoological Education Networkが主催する国際的なエキゾチックアニマルの学会です。1999年からスタートし、毎年初夏に開催されています。


13:00Welcome, announcementsLinda Harrison
13:15Ergonomics in Avian and Exotic Animal MedicineMichael Murray
13:35Use of a Heated, Artificial Ventilator in Exotic Animal AnesthesiaJim Carpenter
13:45New Small Animal VentilatorStephen J Hernandez-Divers
13:55Use of Otoscope for Intubating RabbitsScott Stahl
14:10Current Approaches to Anesthesia and Analgesia in FishGreg Lewbart
14:40Examining the Avian Cloaca Using Saline Infusion CloacoscopyMichael Taylor
15:15Afternoon Break
15:45Recognizing Pain in Exotic AnimalsTeresa Bradley
16:10Special Considerations in Exotic Animal TherapeuticsDiane Deresienski
16:30Roundtable Discussion Sharon Redrobe,S.J.Hernandez-Divers, T.Bradley, M,Taylor, D.Deresienski
18:00-20:30Opening Cocktail Reception

7:30Breakfast Table Topics
8:40AnnouncementsLinda Harrison
8:45Update on Oxyglobin Use in FerretsConnie Orcutt
9:00New Ferret VaccineSusan Kelleher
9:15Treatment of Urogenital Disease in FerretsConnie Orcutt
10:00Morning Break
10:30Mazuri Animal Research Working for YouWilliam Sadler
10:45Oncologic Diagnostic Sampling for the General PractitionerNatalie Antinoff
11:10Pre- and Post-surgical Angiographies in Ferret Adrenalectomy PatientsSusan Kelleher
11:30Surgical Techniques in the Koi PatientGreg Lewbart
12:00Mid-day Break(Ferret Demonstration)
14:00Renal Disease in Captive Pet Bearded DragonsRoger Klingenberg
15:00Extraordinary Reptile Cases Diagnosed by RadiologySonia Hernandez-Divers
15:20Coccidia Control in Bearded DragonsRoger Klingenberg
15:35Endoscopic Evaluation of the Reptilian Respiratory SystemStephen J Hernandez-Divers
16:00Afternoon Break
16:30Special Surgical Considerations for Small RodentsSharon Redrobe
16:50Molar Disease and Abscesses in RabbitsStephen J Hernandez-Divers
17:10-18:00Roundtable DiscussionStephen J Hernandez-Divers, M.Taylor, S.Redrobe, T.Bradley, M.Murray, C.Orcutt

7:30Breakfast Table Topics
8:45The Use of Lasers in Exotic Animal SurgeryDoug Mader
9:15Endoscopic Diode Laser Surgery in BirdsStephen J Hernandez-Divers
9:30Ophtalmologic Applications of Laser TechnologyScott Stahl
9:45Yamanouchi Iguana Laboratory + VEINAkira Yamanouchi
10:00Morning Break
10:30Introducing an Ideal Enzyme for Pet BirdsGreg Harrison, HBD
10:45New Perspectives in Avicultural Medicine, including Testicular BiopsyLorenzo Crosta
11:45Special ZEN Session (Exotic DVM of the Year)
12:00Mid-day Break
14:00Special Event
14:30The Latest in Antimicrobials for Pet FishGreg Lewbart
15:00Understanding the FluroquinolonesDoug Mader
15:30Afternoon Break
16:00Introduction of Client Education folderTeresa Bradley
16:15A Birkenstock Shoe for a Paralyzed KeaLorenzo Crosta
16:30A Fast and Efficient Liver Biopsy Technique in SnakesRoger Klingenberg
16:45Alloplastic Beak Prosthesis in an AracariLorenzo Crosta
17:00Practice Tips for MammalsTeresa Bradley
17:15-18:00More Practice Tips
18:00Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians-Open Meeting

7:30Breakfast Table Topics
8:45Exotic Animal Medicine Myths Interactive ProgramDoug Mader
9:15Ferret Adrenal Disease - U.S. vs InternationalTeresa Lightfoot
10:00Morning Break
10:30Uncommon Differential Diagnosis Interactive ProgramTeresa Lightfoot
12:00Conference ends