Diary of Bingo & Eve.


Records from July, 96

Articles are extracted and modified from my letter written to my friend Marie.


August, 16, 1996 [Peace]

Bingo5 Bingo & Eve are doing fine. Bingo is growing very fast. She is over tripple times heavy from her birth. And still very tame. She always crawls up Takako everytime she puts her hand in the cage, and she is fed every day on her hand. After lunch, she takes some "Siesta" in Takako's clothes. Takako was always talking to her since she was still in the shell, and first animal she saw was us. Maybe she is thinking that Takako is her mother!? (wishful thinking)

August, 22, 1996 [EEK! Something is on my back!]

Bingo6 Bingo basking on top of Angyu. She now weigh 80 grams. Their magnification ratios are ONLY 40 times now. She is growing too fast. Maybe she needs to control her diet. She is going to take first bath with her mother today. We hope she likes it.

September, 12, 1996 [Stowaway]

Bingo7 I forgot to measure her for two weeks. Man! She is now 131 grams! She is growing so fast. As before, she is very tame.
Better to say, "She is living in Takako's clothes.", like this.

September, 22, 1996 [New house]

Bingo8 We were keeping Bingo in a glass aquarium to keep the temperature. But now she is big enough to be kept in a green house, so she moved. Her new house is 80*45*150cm glass green-house with two 20W TRUE-LITE. All of our iguanas used this when they were kids. I think she will be growing a lot more faster from now. She can now exercise in 3-dimensional way.
But she still likes to sleep in Takako's clothes.


July, 28, 1996 [Growth]

Eve8 I think her brain finally completed the circuit of appetite. She still can't see but she started to look for a food by her nose. It is very difficult to feed her, because she bites in the air in every direction. But good! We can see her hunger. It takes time but she eats a lot. Now she weigh 20 grams.

August, 16, 1996 [Vital]

Eve9 Eve is doing fine. Today she tried watermelon. And she liked it.
She has a very large black eye (cf.figure-June,22). If you look carefully, you can find that she doesn't have an iris. I think it was under developed. I thought it was dangerous for her to bathe in direct sunlight because she didn't have the mechanism to control the amount of retina reaching ultra-violet rays.
But other hand, had a necessity of taking the UV rays for composing Vitamin-D. Her skeletal system was incomplete, so we decided to make her take enough Calcium and UV-B. We concluded that this has higher priority.
She ate good Ca:P ratio foods , and took direct sunlight everyday. Once her eyes became clouded. But we didn't stop her sunbathe. When she was born, she couldn't stand in her hands correctly. Her hands were always bent in a wrong direction and walked by back of her hands. And she couldn't raise her body from the ground. But after several weeks of force sunbathe, she now can walk correctly on her palm.
And few days ago, we found her eyes are becoming clear black and gazing though her pupil, we found her developping iris! But her eyesight... not yet.

August, 22, 1996 [Pose]

Eve11 It is our favorite to watch iguanas in bed. Their sleeping poses are extremely cute ! See, she's a lizard.

Right: Sleepy Eve. Her developing iris was observed only in her left eye. Right eye is still all black.

September, 8, 1996 [Stable]

Eve12 Thank you for the cheers, to those of you watching this page. We got many supports from many people all over the world. I want to appriciate you all.
Eve still has lots of problems but is growing constantly. She weigh 54 grams now. Her multiplication is over four times from her birth. Good girl ! (I hope).

September, 22, 1996 [Optic]

Eve13 There might be a possibility of Eve's sight recover.
When we feed her, she started to turn her head toward her food. But I still couldn't tell whether she can SMELL the direction or she can SEE the food. So I tested her.
I moved my finger rapidly in front of her left eye. No reaction were observed.
But when I moved my finger in front of her right eye, she moved her head toward my finger. I did this several times and observed the same response. I am not sure if she can see the shape or color of the object, because she still tries to bite in all directions at feeding time. But at least I am sure that her right eye can recognize the light change. She also reacts and wakes up when we turn the room light on.

--- She is starting to feel the light! ---