Adult site for iguanas

NOTE : There are some images of undressed iguanas and scenes of mating with improper expressions in this page.
If you are a juvenile under 2 years old, leave now.
If you are a mature adult, you may continue to read through the page with your own responsibility. Ha!


Angyu is our 9 years old girl roaming free in our living room. She is very attractive but as she was brought up indulgently, quite selfish and vain. Many male iguanas approached but her answer was always "No." She is completely tame to people but she didn't let any other iguanas touch her.
But Nano, our 5 years old male, was the only exception.

Smiling Angyu(SVL:400mm, Weight:3260g). She is 9 years old now. Look how cute she is. This is our 5 years old Nano(SVL:475mm, Weight:6360g). He pretends to be a Macho.

Nano is the most gentle male I had ever seen. He is huge mature male but acts very gentle to people and also to iguanas. When iguanas mate, usually male bites female's neck and leaves quite big wound. I have seen Nano mating with other females but he does not bite their neck. He just holds them with his forelimb and tries not to hurt the female. He is good at it.
Third year after they started living together in our living room, approaching hundreds of times, Nano was finally permitted from Angyu to mate(14, April, 1999).

Front view. Top view. Nano's tail is approaching from right side of Angyu's tail.
Back view. Sorry to bother you two. Note : Nano on top is not biting Angyu.

Iguana male has 2 penis which is call the "Hemi-penis". It is said that two penis are used in turns. I guess he is using his left penis in the pictures above. His tail is approaching from right side of Angyu's tail.
Mating action took about 15 minutes.
Next time they mated, Nano used his right penis. As you can see in the picture below, Nano's tail is going under Angyu's tail from left side.
Here are some photos of close-ups of their intercourse. Fortunately, they mated on top of the wire mesh rack so we were able to sneak under them to take pictures of the affair. We confirmed that he was using his right penis.

Side view. This time Nano's tail is approaching from left side of Angyu's tail. Close-up view. Left is Nano sticking out his right penis from his cloaca.
Close-up of insertion. Right is Angyu and you can see Nano's penis is inserted into Angyu's cloaca. Close-up of insertion. Hmm.

Recovery of hemi-penis. Back to normal position.

Anyu became gravid and got busy digging all around the floor. She lost her appetite and her belly became huge.
On 2nd of June, she started to lay her eggs. Oviposition took around 3 hours. Total number of the eggs were 56.
Even though she hardly eats, her belly got so big like a frog. She only drinks water and her body except belly got very skinny. Started to lay on the floor.
All the eggs were in quite good shape. We collected them in plastic container. Eggs may be fertile since they had mated. Angyu after oviposition. So slim.
Special thanks to Angyu & Nano. Sorry for bothering you on your happy time.