Reproduction Case

Bingo and Eve


Bingo1 In March 1996, One of our iguana "Oberon" layed fertile eggs. We were incubating those eggs and on 19th of May, one of them hatched. We named her "Bingo" for it was a big hit for us. Right after birth, she was 77mmSVL(Snout Vent Length), 220mmTL(Tail Length), and weighted 15grams. She was way bigger than our "baby iguana image". Total length was about a foot. We counldn't imagine that she was in that small egg.
She had some disorder in her right eye from birth. She can open only half of her right eye but doing well.
One of the thing what surprised us was that she was born tame. She just climed our hands to get out of her incubator. I thought iguana's fear to human are acquired behavior.


Eve1 Next egg hatched. This one is named "Eve". She was a premature baby carrying lots of malfunction. The worst trouble was her eyes. She seems to be completely blind. She probably had been sifted in nature but we will try our best to save her. We'll see what we can do.