Growth rate comparison of Green iguana and Blue Cayman iguana


Bingo : Green iguana : Female. Born 19, May, 1996(YIL)
Eve : Green iguana : Male. Born 5, June, 1996(YIL)
Sapphire : Blue Cayman Iguana : Female. Born 28, September 1997(Critter Corner)

Day-SVL relation graph
x-axis : Days from birth(day)
y-axis : SVL(mm)

Comment(Extraction of my letter to Marie)
Day-SVL graph tells you that Blue Cayman actually has smaller growth rate so far. As you can see in the graph, Sapphire's graph lays lower than Bingo and Eve's data. X axis is days from birth and if you check the same number, SVL of Sapphire will always be smaller.
BUT! what I was interested was, the curve of Sapphire seems different from Bingo and Eve. It is rising! I thought maybe the peak of Blue Cayman's growth ratio comes later than that of Green Iguana's. As you can see, the peak growth rate of Bingo and Eve came arround 100 to 300 days after birth. This is where angle of the tangential line of the graph is bigger than the other part. And as you can see, angle of Sapphire's graph is still going up after 480 days. I guess she will just go cross over Eve's data soon.

Day-Weight relation graph
x-axis : Days from birth(day)
y-axis : Weight(g)

We can find similar bump in day-weight graph. Interesting. Weight loss in mating season?

SVL-Weight relation graph
x-axis : SVL(mm)
y-axis : Weight(g)

Comment(Extraction of my letter to Marie)
I thought Blue Cayman seemed heavier than Green Iguana if you compare them in a same SVL. But I found out that there seems no difference in their SVL-W ratio so far. They are tracing the similar curve. Green iguanas seems thinner but they have longer tail. Maybe this cancels the shape difference and make them draw the same curve.

This is only a sample of 3 indivisual data. It is necessary to take more data for a longer period to conclude.
Also, Eve is a special iguana and not a good data to compare.
Blue Cayman Iguana data measured by Marie Eguro
Green Iguana data measured by Akira Yamanouchi
Copyright(c)Marie Eguro & Akira Yamanouchi